Remedies for Getting Early Marriage

Marriage is one of important phase of human beings life and everyone wants to get married at specific period of age and wants to live happy married life with their life partner. And as time is changing youngsters mentality is also getting change. A youngster now firstly wants to complete their education and then want to get good job but some of the youngsters get too much involve in their career and forget about marriage and after all their career completion they wants to do marriage they failed to found life partner and this thing made worried to that one and his/her parents and family also. But don’t worry astrology is always here to help you to get early married.

  1. Girl should keep fast for 16 Monday and should offer fruit and sweets to lord Shiva and along with that tie note between Shiva and parvati and pray for her early marriage.
  2. Whenever you go for marriage ceremony, then put bit of mehandi meant from bride and groom.
  3. Girl should offer red chunni, sindur, red bangles and other thing related to marriage to lord Shiva and parvati.
  4. Offering red grass to cow daily will also help you to get early marriage.
  5. Keep rabbit in your home and feed them by your own hands.
  6. Boys and girls should pour sacred water over shivling and place 108 flowers over to shivling and continually recite “Om Namah Shivay”.
  7. Offer kalngi which we use top of sehra on groom had, will offer to Vishnu temple along with 5 ladoos.
  8. Wear new yellow dress on Thursday and white dress on Friday and do this thing continually for 4 weeks this will help you to get a good marriage proposal.

Use this above-given mantras and see how effectively this remedies will work for you and you will get happy married life in just few days.

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