Vastu Remedies for making Beautiful Relationship

Every person wants to make their Married life beautiful where they and their spouse will live with happiness. When Husband-Wife Relation become healthier then automatically all the relationship will become stronger because husband wife is the one who have responsibilities of all relations like children, family, relative and many other relations also. So it’s must that husband-wife relation should be healthier.

Many of people complaint that after doing lot’s of thing still their problems are not going to solve then you people should use Vatu Tactics for your home and bedroom because Vastu Shastra is a very strong thing which can harm a person’s life. Here we are offing you few of ways by using which you can make your married relationship good and stronger.

  1. Your bedroom’s door should be open ninety degrees; it will allow entering positive energy into your room.
  2. Use something like picture or Quotes or whatever you want, that gives you feeling of peace and happiness. And hang it on a wall or somewhere, when you enter in your bedroom then the first thing you see is that.
  3. Throw out the nonusable things from your bedroom; nonusable things create garbage beings obstacle in the path of happiness.
  4. Use perfect square or rectangular shaped bed.
  5. Worship place never should be placed in the bedroom.
  6. Avoid using Mirror in bedrooms and if you are using it then cover it with a cloth.
  7. Use fresh flowers in bedroom
  8. A couple should sleep with head towards the south for the best relationship.
  9. Whatever the thing you are using in your bedroom like show piece, plant, artifact etc uses all this in pairs, it will increase love in between you
  10. Use Love duck in your room near to your bed.


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