How to Survive Marriage When One Don’t Want

After a couple of years, often couple take a decision of getting out of a marriage on minor issues instead of resolving it, That’s the reason, conflict and dispute stay in their marriage, but most of the time it happens when one don’t want to get overcome.  There are many of the couples, one want to survive another wants to get out, this situation is difficult to resolve.  If you are one of the couples, who want to survive a marriage, therefore looking a solution of how to survive marriage when one don’t want then you absolutely come at right place.

Recognize what went wrong:  therefore – Something went wrong in you and you come at this stage, and if you indeed want to get back together then you need to cognize to resolve issues.

Analysis why your partner wants to get out: – They might get hurts from you but you are not conscious from that therefore, they set mind to get out. So you ought to analysis, After all, what you did and where they get hurts, therefore, all things happened.

Keep effective communication:-  you need to keep effective and open communication with your spouse by which, if they have suspect then they can openly share with you and talk about that, by which you can resolve that issues and survive your marriage from break down. So these are the ways which will help you to survive your marriage sooner, after using all things, you don’t see any changes then you need to take help of Vedic astrology specialist.  They will recommend you apt remedies by which your spouse will change their mindset and help you to survive your marriage from conflict.


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